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Guangzhou Winego Acoustic Materials Co.,Ltd.

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High End Acoustics Decoration Solutions Supplier


about us

about us

Guangzhou Winego Acoustic Materials Co.,Ltd.

Focus on acoustic materials to build industry benchmark

Guangzhou Winego is a professional manufacturer focused in high end acoustic materials and interior decoration materials,founded in 2005 in covers an area of twenty thousand square meters,includes sound absorption materials,sound insulation materials,interior decoration,3d wall panels and carved decorative panel workshop.Winego is the leading manufacturer for acoustic and interior decoration materials in south of china.
  • 12foucus on acoustic materials, wooden products

    Focus on production

  • 20,000Area covering 20,000㎡

    Area covering

  • 1,000,000Annual production 1,000,000㎡

    Annual production

our system solutions

  • Winego, specialist of acoustic environment system solutions

    Materials research and development

    The department of Research and development is made of domestic and overseas acoustic specialists and industrial senior technicians. Winego keep cooperation and communication with overseas research and develop authority all the time. Winego product has acoustic and aesthetics performance. All products pass kinds of test such as acoustics, eco-friendly, fire-resistant by Tsinghua University, South China university of Technology, SGS, and national authority.
  • Winego, specialist of acoustic environment system solutions

    Materials production

    The manufacturing base area of Winego is in the top of industry. It include all acoustic product workshop with sophisticated equipment and international innovation ability. High quality is the pursuit of our company on the base of powerful technology support. Product capacity is supported by new equipment. Quality-mind in every staff ensure high quality all the time.
  • Acoustic and decorative project design

    Project design

    Winego has a excellent interior decorative designer and acoustic architect team. We can undertake the below case:
    1.Gymnasium, sports space acoustic architect
    2.Conference room, lecture hall, multifunctional hall and auditorium acoustic architect.
    3.Cinema, theater and art center ,and some entertainment place acoustic design.
    4.Home theater, Hi-Fi space, audition room, studio, recording studio acoustic design.
    5.Hotel, banqueting hall.
    6.KTV, bar, office, plant, and some sound absorption , insulation and vibration project.
  • Acoustic project construction

    Project construction

    Winego have skilled construction team, which is specialized in acoustic materials and wood decoration construction. Our team is diligent, punctual, delicate and high quality.
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